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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back from Vacation

I'm glad to be back!  Back to my own comfy bed, a kitchen where I can cook my own food, my pitiful little garden, a washer and dryer, etc, etc.  Yes, I mentioned a washer and dryer because we were only able to locate a laundromat halfway through the trip and do laundry once (we went back the next night and sadly found it wasn't open 24 hours).  When we got to Italy we filled the up the bathtub and hand-washed a few more things.  I told my sister some people take a bucket and plunger and do laundry that way while on the road.

We spent the first few days in London, then went by train to Paris, caught a plane to Italy and then flew back home from London.  I tagged along with my sister and her family and traveling with a toddler is always quite an adventure!

I bought my first macaron at McDonald's in Paris.  Then we went to La Duree and got several more.  I finally understand why bloggers can go on and on about these yummy macarons!

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