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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blizzard...30" of snow

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Snow started falling this morning and by tomorrow we'll have up to 30" inches of snow. In the space of 7 days that's 3 different snowstorms. It's starting to feel like the long winter over here but luckily we have lots of supplies as well as electricity and running water so I can't complain.
Some things I recommend for a blizzard are:
  1. friends & family - so you don't get too bored
  2. down comforter - to keep you warm if the electricity goes out
  3. wood stove or fireplace - it's so relaxing!
  4. stocked pantry - you'll need some good food after shoveling all day
  5. a good book
  6. patience - for when said friends & family get on your nerves, ha ha just kidding
  7. your brain - stay indoors and off the roads when it is obviously hazardous

I'm glad to be safe at home, snug as a bug. From the windows I can see the winds blowing snow every which way. Now where is that "Bright Star" dvd....

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