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Friday, October 23, 2009

getting ready for the wedding

image from stylisheventsblog
My sister's wedding is this evening! Last night we were trying to make a flower ball where you stick carnations onto a floral ball but we did one and then nearly ran out of flowers (and we were supposed to make 6 of them). That is going to be the bridesmaid's bouquets and they are going to hang from our wrists by a silver ribbon. So today we are going to get the ornament size floral ball and buy more carnations.
Yesterday we had the bridal shower and I made oreo truffles. They are soooo good. All you do is take a package of oreos and put them in a blender until they are a fine powder. Next, mix in a package of softened cream cheese and chill for 40 minutes. Then dip in semi sweet chocolate and let harden on wax paper for about 15 minutes.

I peeked at the wedding menu last night and it looks delicious. One of the courses has kiwi salmon since my brother in law is a kiwi. And I think spied creme brulee.


jociegal said...

Fun and yummy!!!! I hope all all goes well :)

Janine said...

Dear Chloe
Have a great day at your sisters wedding.
Enjoy the weekend.
Best wishes to you and your family


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