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Thursday, August 6, 2009

garden harvest

This is what I picked out of the garden today.
Here's some pictures from last week. I put jalapeno peppers in my omelettes, yum!!

My favorite part of gardening is enjoying the harvest! Pretty soon I will have bucket loads of tomatoes since I probably have 20+ plants.

We never get tired of squash, it's so easy to cook...all you do is sautee it in butter or oil and sprinkle on lots of sea salt and pepper.


jociegal said...

Mmmmm - yummy. I cannot wait to have a house so I can garden. Those all look beautiful. Nice work!

Jana said...

Im jealous of your peppers, mine didn't do quite so well, picture perfect veggies!! hope you enjoy them!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I'm so excited to "meet" you and your blog!! I love it! It's just full of lovely things.

And all of your sweet comments just made my day today. (I didn't check emails yesterday or I'd have been all over your blog.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

jociegal said...

Oh my - skydiving - I don't think I could EVER!!!!

To answer your question, we will be living in the US for a few years and then, who knows? We both want to try living in new places and so we shall see where the wind takes us.


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