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Thursday, July 16, 2009

pretty fireplace


There is something very calming about sitting next to a fire and letting your mind drift away as you listen to the wood burning and watch embers pop into the air. Our ancestors used fire for warmth, protection from wild animals and to cook. Today most of us have the luxury of using it to create a relaxing atmosphere. The chandelier adds an elegant touch to this outdoor fireplace.

image from the New York Times. Designed by Jay Griffith.


jociegal said...

Can I please just be transported to wherever this photo was taken? It is calling my name...

Jana said...

beam me up husband and I picked our wedding venue because we got to stand in front of a HUGENORMOUS fireplace for our vows...soooo very romantic. I love that chandelier why do people have to make me live in a picture so rude!

Janine said...

An outside sitting-room?
Well that looks phantastic but is surely nothing for my home town.
Well, let´s have a look out of the window.
Surprise, it is raining, AGAIN.
Hope your weekend might be sunny.

Amanda said...

This image was so incredible I just had to post it on my own blog! Absolutely stunning - wonderful find.

肉羹麵Jason said...

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