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Thursday, July 2, 2009

grandma's house




Blueberry is my favorite pie! I used hearts for the crust but think next time I'll try a lattice crust.

I am in Florida right now and tonight for dinner we are going out to a raw/vegan restaurant. I'm pretty excited to try the raw food dishes! (Maybe it will get me back on track to eating raw again).


jociegal said...

Gorgeous pictures. I would love to see what that heart crust looked like after it was cooked! What a cute idea :)

Janine said...

I saw a report about raw- restaurants in america.
I didn´t know, that somethiong like this exists.
Well it does not in Germany, not yet!
Please write, how your meal was.
I´m really interested.
Have fun, and a wonderful weekend

xoxo, Chloe said...

Thanks :) the crust kinda looked the same only browner. The bottom crust edges need to be fluted more though.

Janine - I just put up a post. It seems like California has the most "raw" restaurants in the US, but there are a few here in Florida as well.

Miss Carmella said...

mmm how was the blueberry pie??! ;-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a nice blog, and great pictures! I made blueberry cobbler yesterday, topped with stars and hearts (because I'm terrible at making a nice-looking top crust!). I like your heart pie! -tw


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