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Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 little things

I was tagged by Jociegal of Wingin' It - Tales of a Girl's Attempt at Life to list 6 little things that make you happy...

1) picking fresh fruits & vegetables from my garden

2) wearing one of my cute aprons

3) the smell of honeysuckle in the summer air

4) playing music (piano or guitar)

5) hugs & kisses

6) meaningful conversations

Now I've got to find some people to tag :)

I am tagging:



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Married Life

Wahine to Wed


Janine said...

You are a real county- girl, aren´t you.
I have one question: Please tell me, what is a Hapa- girl.
I could not find it in the dictionairy. I wanted to ask that all the time,now I do.

xoxo, Chloe said...


I sure am! Hapa means "half" or "part" in hawaiian. I am half hawaiian chinese and half norwegian american. Although my grandma said my great grandpa was part German. So I think I am even a teeny bit German :)

Janine said...

For me that sounds like a very felicitous copmpound.
I´m a mixture myself. Half german half iranian.
Thank you for tagging me chloe.
Have a lovely weekend


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