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Thursday, June 4, 2009

care packages

If you go to you can get an APO addresses where US soldiers that are happy to distribute your care packages to other soldiers. Whether or not you agree with the war, it is a great way to support the troops that are over there. There is also and and I'm sure many others.

My grandparents are the only ones on both sides of our immediate family that have served in the military. My hawaiian grandma was in the W.A.C or the Women's Army Corps. I think she started out doing administrative stuff but we also have a newspaper article about the WAC that showed her hula dancing. She was also I better ask my mom and dad so I can get my story straight. It is also how she met my hawaiian-chinese grandpa who was in the Merchant Marines. Now my other grandpa was a medic/nurse in the Army. One of the places I remember he was stationed was in New Guinea.

Anyhow, the Anysoldier website gives you requested items from the deployed soldiers.

Here are some other links for care pacakge ideas:

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