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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

low carb, high protein shakes

I am looking for some good low carb / high protein shake recipes. Lately when I eat lunch I get tired for the rest of the afternoon. So my plan is to have a nutritious smoothie at lunch and then walk for a bit.

I really like the orange mango smoothie at starbucks and here is the recipe from yahoo answers.

Blend the following:
Orange Mango Naked juice
1 banana
protein powder
1/3 C ice

However I just looked up the nutrition info and it has 57g of carbs and only 16g of protein. Eeek!

1 comment:

Miss Carmella said...

Be careful if you start eating heaps of protein because you will start craving sugar. And you don't want to eat protein and sugar together. I think if you start eating a hard boiled egg or 2 for lunch and maybe a salad that might help. Walking around will definately wake you up!


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