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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twilight Garden

I promise this post doesn't have anything to do with vampires but rather which flowers to put in a twilight/moonlight garden. The object of such a garden is flowers that reflect light and add fragrance to the air.
Gardenias, jasmine, and honeysuckle all have white flowers that smell divine. Also - Nicotiana, moonflower and angel's trumpet for night blooming. Then I want to add lamb's ear, variegated hostas, maybe lavender and thyme.
The cabana pictured above is from the Delano hotel in Southbeach. This would be a wonderful addition to any moonlight garden, a cozy spot to relax. You could get a similar effect with one of those gazebos that come with curtains I always see for sale. Or, drag out a mattress (be sure to put it on a base of some sort) and cover it with fluffy white linens. At night the Delano has lots of recliners that are laid flat so they look like beds all around the pool. Then add some lanterns with candles.

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Janine said...

What a chilling place.
I like it


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