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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lavender fields forever

I would love to plant an acre of just lavender. We have some lavender planted near the front porch on the farm and it smells heavenly during the summer time. Sometimes a few flowers get broken off of the plant and then crushed from everyone walking by and it releases a perfume into the air.

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Janine said...

What are these for wonserful pictures.
I love lavender too.
I make a lot of things out of lavender like bath oil, soap, and all kind of decorative stuff.
I once was in France in the Provence there are this huge lavender fields for the perfume manufacturies.
That is such a wonderful place to be and the fragrance is so strong that I almost swayed

Ashley said...

I was adding more herbs/veggies to my garden today, and I almost bought a lavender plant. I didn't though - if I'm going to plant lavender, I want it to be able to be massive, and I just didn't have enough room.


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