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Thursday, March 19, 2009

where does your food come from?

Late last night I dashed off to the grocery store because ground beef was on sale so I thought I might stock up since it was nearly 1/2 off regular price. When I got there I noticed the label had 3 countries listed as the "origin"...USA, Mexico & Canada. That is very sketchy, I hope it does not mean the ground beef was all mixed together. If you read Fast Food Nation it goes into detail about how meat is processed and let me tell you it is not a pretty sight! I always thought that the meat in the pacakges I bought was all from the same cow until I read that book.

Does that mean I am going to have to start raising my own cattle? I don't know, but it is a good thing I have a constant source of eggs from our chickens. I also eat a lot of eggs & beans on days when I'm not eating meat.

There was also a good deal on icecream so now the deep freeze is full of several flavors. I wonder how long it will take someone to find that loot!

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