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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

laser eye surgery

I have always been wary of laser eye surgery but my aunt got it last year and according to her everything has been fine. It makes me nervous when I read online where people say they always have dry eyes and they wish they wouldn't have gotten the surgery!

After doing some research online it looks the average price is $2000 per eye. I have worn glasses since 5th grade (I wear contacts now) so it would be pretty nice to have 20/20 vision (or close to it) for the rest of my life. So bascially...the cost of braces and getting my vision corrected comes to the grand total of $10,000. Yikes! You'd think with the economy stuff like this would be cheaper, but I don't think so. Also I guess you get what you pay for. Now it is time to look at my health insurance and see if they give some kind of discount for laser eye surgery.

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