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Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been looking into CSA's around our area but most of them are sold out for the 2009 season. The prices have been around $450-500 for a 14-16 week harvest. Honestly I could buy or grow my own vegetables plants and only spend $50, what was I thinking! Well I guess I was thinking when it gets 85 degrees out by 6am, you don't feel like weeding or watering the garden. This year I want to plant:

tomatoes (of course)
squash...they are very easy to grow
romaine lettuce
some type of bean
sugar snap peas
jalapeno peppers
red & green peppers
hot chile peppers

If all else fails at least I would be able to eat salads and omelettes all summer long. I like to add jalapeno peppers to my omelettes for an extra zing.

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