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Thursday, March 12, 2009

art class

Tonight I have art class and once again am not looking forward to it. I could always drop it but then that's a waste of my time because I would have to re-take it anyways to get credit for it. I'd probably like it if it was only an hour long not 4 hours! Also it would be nice to have one class not two classes combined so we all have lots of space and are not two feet away from each other. What can I say, this is what happens when you attend a community college.

Next up: Find out what courses I need to get my degree and hurry up and take them! Honestly I could care less about getting a degree but when you look for jobs, 100% of the time they want you to have a degree. I was planning on retiring when I hit 30 but that means I will have to magically think up an income that I can do anywhere.


Jasmine said...

How do your views on modesty affect your figure drawing class? :)

xoxo, Chloe said...

Well I am not planning on being a figure model that is for sure :)

I will say it is weird drawing the model and then going to Starbucks and ordering a drink from her!

It has been helpful to me though to take this class to get the proportion of a human body right.


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