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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tomato seeds

The other day C & I planted a whole ton of tomato seeds in a tiny greenhouse kit. His were regular and mine were heirlooom brandywine. I'm getting started on my garden early this year! Last year I thought I was getting a great deal when the veggies at my local nursery were marked down to 99 cents but my total investment for the tomatoes was under $10 and I might wind up with 200 tomato plants, we'll see how many sprout.

I'd like to see more heirloom varieties at the store. Mainly it is my fault for not saving last year's seeds properly, I saved them on a papertowel last summer that was probably thrown away by someone else the next day. And here I had about 4 different heirloom types of tomatoes.

Next up is the flowering sweet pea. And maybe a huge greenhouse (or at least in my dreams).

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