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Friday, February 13, 2009

lost and found

I went to the mall today at lunchtime to get a smoothie and I found some money someone dropped on the floor. I took it the store's lost and found but they said I should keep it because if I don't then one of the employees will take it. It wasn't a lot but I felt kind of bad for whoever lost it. I mean what if it was some poor old lady. Awhile ago I found a $20 bill in the self checkout kiosk at Walmart and when I gave it to one of the clerks, he put it in the box where the checks go and I wonder if anyone ever claimed it. Of course it wasn't mine to begin with.

My smoothie from Orange Julius wasn't that great, for the same price I could of gotten that orange mango smoothie from Starbucks. I should of packed my lunch anyways. That is what I get! Right now lasagna sounds pretty good, maybe I will make up another batch.

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