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Friday, February 13, 2009

art class

Last night I had my figure drawing class, again. I was considering dropping it because by the time class ends each week I feel terrible about my drawing skills!!! It is probably my own fault just because I only draw in pencil and we have been using graphite sticks and sharpie markers. Honestly I am starting to feel like the worst artist in the class and I know that I can draw decently. Also even though I move my easel somewhere new each class it seems like I end up in a terrible spot.

So I am going to start sketching everyday and use different mediums so I can feel good about drawing again. And I will remind myself that I have sold thousands of paintings the last few years so I have to have some sort of talent. Plus the whole point of me taking the class is so I can draw the human body in correct proportion. Anyhow if something decent comes out of the class I will post a picture of some art I have done.

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