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Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'm back in Florida for Christmas break which means one week of no work! But I have been checking my work email periodically so I don't have 300 emails to go through when I get back. It is sunny and beautiful here and has soon as my other sister gets here we plan to go to the beach every day. All of my family will be here except my sister from Hawaii.

Last night we went to a free concert by Eric Darius, a saxophonist who is a popular smooth jazz artist. Even if you don't like smooth jazz you would of probably enjoyed it because he's a young guy and very energetic and entertaining. And he even played music by Alicia Keys and Neyo.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. We might go to an art museum that is nearby. I also want to go to the Salvador Dali museum in St. Pete's.

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