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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka

Merry Christmas everyone! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, well maybe you got the day off and are enjoying yourselves. The nice thing about spending a holiday vacation somewhere warm is that you aren't sitting around eating holiday food all day long. We're spending lots of time outdoors walking around, going to the beach, etc. Although we did go to a bakery in Winter Park called Ballard and Corum to eat their delicious cupcakes.

My Dad's friend at work gave him use of a timeshare in Orlando (for free) so we were super lucky to have that. It is new and very nice and you can walk to some outlets and a grocery store.

I will be making the infamous green bean casserole but we aren't eating dinner for several more hours. Well it looks like the sun is out and it's supposed to be in the 80s today so I better take advantage of it. I think at home it is probably 32 degrees.


foodstr2 said...

Lucky you! I'm struggling with temps between 28 and 60 here in Texas.

I spent 2 years in the Tonga Islands (South Pacific) and know about warm or hot Christmases....

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


xoxo, Chloe said...

Happy New Year to you as well!


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