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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Heathens

I loved reading this book about Mildred's life as she grew up during the Great Depression. For some reason I love to read about how people lived a long time ago on farms or the western frontier. Or medievals times or whenever. I wonder what are people going to say about the way we lived now?

My Grandpa liked the book as well and he and my Grandma grew up on big farms with big families during the Depression out in Montana. We sometimes give Grandma a hard time because she saves everything and makes do with very little. They are in their 80s and still getting up at the crack of dawn to farm all day long. When you work hard it gives you a strong constitution.

I am starting to wonder if there are any real men left...that actually like to do physical labor!


LisaM said...

Thanks for your comments! I think I feel the way that you do in this post... :)

Jasmine said...

A lot of men like to work out at the gym if that counts as physical labor?

Carmella Ella said...

My kiwi boy is into farming and physical labor..thats how he has abs! yay.. ;-) hahaha


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