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Thursday, October 2, 2008

celeb baby names

So I just visited Homegirl's blog ( and she had a link to a celebrity baby name generator.  Of course I had to put in my last name and I got some girl's and boy's names:

Libra Meringue
Barrymore Fox
Sunshine Flouta
Vixen (ok what on earth)

Matterhorn Greenwild??
Eagle Figment
Zeus Hawk
Lexus Cactus

Each time I hit refresh the names got more bizarre!! I have to admit that when I was younger I thought I was so creative when I came up with "Montana Skye".  Another one I liked was "November Jewel".  I still like the name November (by itself) but it would be weird to name your kid that if they weren't born in the month of November.  And I like the name Ada, like in the Cold Mountain book.

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baby names said...

Some of those celeb baby names are just odd! I personally prefer more traditional baby names.


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