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Monday, September 8, 2008

more pie

Yesterday evening my little brother and I made banana bread and blueberry pie. We used a recipe from a Sesame Street book for the banana bread which used honey in place of sugar. After slathering butter on it I thought it was pretty good. Well I guess you will notice I am not eating all raw food anymore because here I am talking about all this non raw stuff. Anyhow I probably should go back to it to clear up my complexion.

Plus I made two batches of chili and used lots of fresh garden tomatoes. What can I say, I just love cooking and baking. When my sister opens her cupcake shop I told her I would help her out....until then I better practice my frosting skills.


Na-Da Farm Life...Na-Da Farm wife said...

I liked looking around your site - and your 'blog friends' were very interesting....thanks! way better than watching the tv!

xoxo, Chloe said...

Thanks, I looked at your website and from the pictures you have a beautiful farm. That is funny your duck is named "Sir Fred", our westie dog is named "Sir Salty" :)


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