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Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is a feminine hairdo I like to do....kind of like a french twist/chignon except I prefer to have bits of hair hanging out. What are y'alls favorite hairstyles? I also like to straighten it and pull it back in a headband since my hair is naturally curly and pretty unruly.

When I was growing up my hair was pretty long, in fact I was looking at some old pictures and surprised that it was below my waist. But now when it reaches a certain length it gets stringy so right now I have it a little below my shoulders. I am always envious of the hula girls that have super long and thick hair. Maybe I need some protein pills or something, it is starting to fall out again...wait maybe I do have a thyroid problem. I found some website that is supposed to give you super long hair and they sell some kind of pill with a bazillion types of vitamins/minerals that are supposed to give you long hair.


Jasmine said...

I did some half twists - carol y style - yesterday and left the rest down. I got the idea from the movie swingers (was on tv Friday night) heather graham had the hair style at the end of the movie at the jazz club.

Candylei said...

Did you notice John McCain's wife has her hair up alot? When her and Barbara B. gave a speech at the RNC.

xoxo, Chloe said...

There are a lot of neat 40s styles with the victory rolls. I'll have to rent that movie..wasn't there a lot of swing dancing in it?

Hmm I will have to look up a picture of Mrs. McCain.


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