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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

freezer burn

Oh dear...the last few days I have been freezing peaches in ziploc bags but when I went to check on them last night I noticed they all had some freezer burn. Man! The problem is I mixed them with sugar (no water) and did not have them completely covered in syrup so that is how they got freezer burn. Now I am wondering if I should de-thaw them enough to pour some sugar solution in or just leave them be. Hopefully I will find a canning pot and just can the rest.

This morning I went to feed the sheep and one of the lambs had died (I am in charge of the farm goings on while the family is in Hawaii). Mom says it is because they have worms or parasites in the pasture. I will have to research it but in the meantime find them a new pasture.

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