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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

farm omelette

One thing I have been eating nearly everyday for the past week is my "farm omelette". The ingredients that come from the farm or local market are: eggs, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and scallions and the cheese is store bought. Just don't put in too many cut up pieces of jalapeno pepper or you'll be gulping down the water like I was last night.

I usually use 2 eggs per omelette, the time I used 4 I had to share with my sister because it's a lot to eat. Anyhow when it's dinner time it is nice to go out to the garden for a bit to pick the peppers and tomatoes, gather the eggs and then come inside and whip up this tasty recipe. It is even better if you have some type of meat (bacon, chicken, etc).

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

Sounds yummy try turkey bacon I think it's healthier than pork bacon


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