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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pennsylvania Peaches

Yesterday I was in the lovely state of Pennsylvania to attend a church convention and on the way home picked up two bushels of peaches and an apple tree loaded with apples. PA is such a beautiful state and I wanted to snap some pictures of the scenery but since I was driving a van full of people it was best to keep both hands on the wheel.

Tonight I am going to can the peaches (I'll have to ask Grandma for tips) and get that apple tree planted. One day I hope to live somewhere with my very own fruit orchard.

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Kitty said...

When I was growing up we had 8-10different fruit trees in our backyard (suburbs) and a vegetable garden in the summer. My best memories are running around out there, and eating fruit and raw green beans off the vine =) Later I had my own apricot and peach trees, and learned to can those. There is a neat site that is so fun to browse if you are getting into canning. I hope you are able to realize your dream of your own fruit orchard!!


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