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Saturday, August 16, 2008

lazy river days

Today a group of us gals headed for the Shenandoah River and went tubing. It was very peaceful and relaxing (took us about 3 hours to drift down probably less than a mile). I think I drifted in one spot for about 1/2 an hour because the current wasn't carrying me anywhere. I didn't take my digital camera because I didn't want it to get soaked. The water of course was only about a foot and a half deep so there was no fear of tipping over. It was waist high water near the end where we got out of the river and I felt like I was walking to a baptism.

This lovely evening I checked the garden and picked a bunch of roma tomatoes, heirloom yellow tomatoes and a few jalapenos. I don't know how all the weeds sprouted up but it seems like I am walking through a jungle just to get to my garden patch. The romas went into tonight's chili and they added a sweetness to it. (Or maybe that was my imagination)

Tomorrow I will be spending lots of time in the garden making up for my laziness in not keeping up with the weeds. I'm wondering about my lettuce plants because they are supposed to produce a head of lettuce but look like they are just going to seed. My watermelons are doing good though, climbing all over the creation.

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