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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I can see clearly now

Today I went and got another contact lens prescription and a new set of contacts. I had only been wearing one contact for the last two weeks as one fell apart and I couldn't find my written out prescription (plus the doctor I had seen in January had moved to a new location and taken the client files with her). It is pretty amazing how clear I can see now since I had been walking around in a half haze of blurry vision. (My eyes are pretty bad like -4.75). Of course it's my fault for not being organized and knowing where my old prescription I was too prideful to wear my glasses. Honestly I look like that actress on Ugly Betty with my cat eye glasses and braces. Even though I have good insurance through work I still ended up paying $62 for "Contact Lens Evaluation Level 3".

You might have to be careful when going to the doctor because sometimes they sneak these little things onto the bill! Now I know why my Mom always asks up front how much the bill is going to be with their insurance coverage.

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