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Friday, August 22, 2008

global rich list

Today I went to and typed in my salary. Turns out I am in the top 4.33% of richest people in the world. Whenever I get down about something it is always helpful to remember that I have basic things such as a roof over my head, food, clothing, and a job. During high school I worked for a young neighbor man who was paraplegic and had cerebral palsy. He was very smart and had a college degree but was confined to a wheelchair and paralyzed. I did basic things like open the mail for him, enter his stock quotes on a spreadsheet and fix him meals. It was a reminder that I'm lucky to have use of all my limbs.

It is easy to fall into the trap of not being content with what we already have. I like to think up ways to further simplify my life. Not having a television is a great help because I don't know how I would get anything done if I had one. Another thing I am constantly working on is my bedroom. It also doubles as an art studio so I have all number of art supplies as well as clothes everywhere. Whenever I am in there all I can see is clutter!

I have found it is good to keep a clean room / home because clutter is very stressful. My goal for now is to donate a bunch of stuff to thrift stores. I could probably sell things on ebay but it would be so much easier to have a clean room now instead of a month from now when everything sells.

This weekend once again I am going to work on the garden. It hasn't been getting watered...Eek! Luckily next week the forecast is lots of rainstorms.

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