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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

farm boots

I have been looking for farm boots that I can wear when feeding hay and other miscellaneous farm stuff. It's probably not a good idea to wear slippers! I just found these lovely boots by UGG. They are $228 and shearling lined of course. They would look cute with a skirt or dress as well. I wish it didn't have a 1 1/2" heel, if I buy these I might be 6'1".

p.s. These boots are a lot of money and I probably won't buy them unless they fit right and then will plan on wearing them for a long long time. It would be nice to have one pair of boots that I really love and can wear with skirts and dresses (then I can sell all my other dress boots on ebay).

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Ante Family Agrarians said...

I would also really like a nice dependable, duriable pair of work boots. Those are great, but yes, the price is high. If it's an investment though, and hopefully you could wear them for years and years, LOL!
Peace, Kris


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