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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer cleaning

This afternoon I was in the pantry on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. I used Dr. Bronner's all purpose soap with hot water and a splash of bleach. The all purpose soap is lavendar scented so it made the whole kitchen area smell like I was in the south of France!

You can wash your hair, brush your teeth, do the laundry, clean the bathroom and much more with this all purpose soap. I was reading about it and I guess it got popular in the 60s but it has been around for awhile. Probably won't be brushing my teeth with it but it sure smells good. They also have peppermint and other scents.

Then I went outside and tried to tie up my tomato plants. They have grown into huge bushes and spread out all over the creation! It is my fault for not staking them as they were growing. Plus I haven't been that good about weeding them. Sometimes I get home from work around 8 at night and when it is 90 degrees out the last thing I want to be doing is yanking weeds.

Yesterday we went to the Farmer's market and I got a Kiefer yogurt drink. It is orange flavored and delicous. (I think they had it spelled wrong). Anyhow, "Kefir" is a milk drink that is fermented (sort of like yogurt). It was pretty yummy and to me tasted like runny yogurt with orange chunks. (The creamery sold pineapple, orange & blueberry flavors).

Grandpa's eye has a blood clot underneath the skin and it looks pretty trixy! He was in the emergency room this morning but they sent him home and said it was due to some of the medicine he is on. I will have to post a picture. He has the lightest blue eyes so it looks pretty intense.

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