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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sedu review

So last noche when I finally got home, I opened the new sedu!! It is superlight and you almost wonder if it is gonna do the job. Anyhow I fired it up and went to work on my hair. I put VS so sexy hair gloss on my hair to protect it (probably need to get something better or actual hair heat protectant) and straightened away. It really does make your hair very smooth and silky feeling! My arms weren't tired either. Yay!

I put my hair in a ponytail and checked it about 4 hours later. I noticed it was getting ever so slighty wavy (but still way straighter than my natural curls). I do wish that the straightener was thinner (my old cheapo straighter was probably about 1/2" width and this one is 1") so I could straighten hair closer to my head without fear or burning. It did get kinda close and that thing is hot! Next time I will probably blowdry my hair and then immediately straighten it so it has some body to it. Also I'll have to use this thing for awhile before I can give it an official review.

Update: 7/23/08 Ok so I have used the sedu a couple times since I first got it. Yes it does make my hair soft and silky but it doesn't stay "pin straight" very long. I think I might have to crank up the heat to the highest setting. Or I can try and have another person straighten my hair for me (that might be the trick).

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