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Monday, July 14, 2008

raw raw

I am still mostly raw except for cooked oatmeal which I like to eat. I guess I should find something else that will fill me up in the mornings and keep me full til lunch time. Spent a lot of money at the healthfood store near us, probably $100 this weekend. The raw cacao goji snacks are sooo good!

Now the almond milk I bought tasted kind of weird...I couldn't place the taste until I figured it doh!! Yikes! I've been drinking coconut water everyday though and it is identical to human blood plasma. I guess back in the 1940s soldiers got emergency transfusions with fresh coconut water.

Another good thing is that I no longer look like I am 4 months pregnant everytime I eat a meal. My stomach stays mostly flat. That hasn't happened since I did a cleanse a year ago. I also can't believe how my stomach isn't growling like crazy. I usually eat every couple of hours and graze on stuff when I get hungry. I guess my body is getting real nutrition. Still have to find a use for the bazillions of squash I keep harvesting from the garden.

I love eating lots of fruits! Only wish papaya was cheaper, I could eat that all day long. There is a huge bowl of cookie dough in the fridge and I am not even tempted. Imagine that.

My new hair straightener is coming in the mail today :)

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Jasmine said...

Try Sam's Club or Costco for Caribbean papayas. We have them down here for $3.27 a piece.


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