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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Raw Food...again...

I am slowly getting excited again about transitioning to eating raw foods. I tried it a few years ago and got nausea and threw up a lot so I caved in. It was probably the sushi I had that was made out of raw cauliflower or some other gourmet concoction I whipped up. (This is after spending $300 on groceries at the local health food store). Not sure how long I will be motivated since I seem to be addicted to sugar. One thing that helps is eating dates whenever I get a sweets craving.

Today for breakfast I had my usual staple of oatmeal and honey with soy milk instead of cow's milk. Since I've felt sick to my stomach today the only other thing I've had is 1/2 a banana. After work I plan to go to the grocery store to get some more fruits to have as well as a huge salad for dinner.

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