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Monday, July 7, 2008

Peasant Clothing

I found this white peasant skirt and top at Target. There is something about peasant skirts and shirts that I love. The elastic waistband is pretty stretchy in case you want to hit up a buffet.

This peasant top is super duper comfy! I got one in the madras print as well for when I want to look like a farm gal.

I have been eating at Subway a lot. The $5 footlong sub just seems like a great deal. Then I looked at the menu closer and the regular price is 5.89 so you only save a dollar. I guess it is just good marketing.
The "No sugar, no flour Diet" by Dr. Gott is a book I read recently and I am trying to stick to that diet. Not "diet" as in lose weight but "diet" as in way of eating healthy. The only bread I eat is when I go to Subway and the no sugar thing is kind of hard. The book recommends making treats with Splenda and other evil sugar substitutes which I avoid. Anyhow supposedly people lost lots of weight because eating bread all the time seems to add on the pounds.

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