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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old Navy

I went to the Old Navy clearance section online and picked out a few things I like. This weekend I am planning on going through all my clothes and figuring which ones I don't wear that I can sell on ebay or donate to Goodwill. Then I am going to hit up the outlets & Old Navy near me.

I like the neckline on this t-shirt. Pink is one of my favorite colors and I tend to wear it a lot since it goes with my skin tone. (or so I think)

Aviators! Forever 21 has also a cheap pair...I'll have to check these out. The more I look at them the more manly they look.

For some reason these shoes remind me of morocco. Or J. Crew-ish.

This lauhala clutch is cute. Don' t think I could fit my purse contents in there though!

This ballet wrap top would be great for sleeveless or strapless dresses if you get cold. They only had size small left on the website so I wonder what the selection is like at the actual store.

Espradille Flats...I wonder how comfy these are. Very parisian chic!

The end. Hopefully I'll be able to find a few of these at the store. I am at work now waiting for a messenger to bring our checks and then I am outta here for a lovely 3 day weekend.

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jkaiulu said...

I like to wear all shades of pink too but I have no idea if it goes with my skin tone. Sometimes my skin looks super white and other times it looks slightly tan. My safe color is brown since I have brown hair and brown eyes, I assume it's an ok color for me.


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