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Saturday, July 5, 2008

no poo (shampoo that is)

Ok so it has been 3 days since I last used shampoo. I first read about the no shampoo on a curly hair website and then again on Babyslime's blog. The last two days I have used the baking soda mixture and rinsed with ACV. I was kind of worried I would smell like vinegar (I had used ACV a long time ago as a rinse and didn't dilute it that much so I smelled a little like vinegar). I also used a wet washcloth to try and distribute the oils from the roots to the tip.

Last night my hair dried nicely and I have had perfect curls around my face which usually doesn't happen unless I scrunch it with mousse. But this morning upon closer inspection my hair was looking pretty oily. Since I have been blessed with oily hair (my dad is asian), I usually shampoo once a day. The only time it I can go a few days without shampooing is when I go to the hair salon and have them work their magic.

I'm about to go out and look for a natural bristle hairbrush. I have about $9 in CVS extra care bucks so that will come in handy. Lately I have been wearing a headband and letting my hair dry curly so I haven't been brushing my hair. Oops. Anyways I hope this no shampoo thing works. I would love it if my hair looked manageable and not oily because of the baking soda cleanser. We'll see!

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