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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


From another website regarding swimsuits:

"It is not only acceptable, but it is highly encouraged by the world system to dress in the equivalent of your underwear, and walk, swim, sit, and to "lay out" in front of anyone who cares to look on. We purposely strip our bodies, literally, and expose our flesh to public view, to friends and strangers alike. And we have faithfully passed that heritage on to our children and taught them that it is okay to be immodestly dressed-as long as it’s by a pool or in a lake or at the beach. And, of course, all of it has been in the name of "relaxation" and "healthy exercise".....

"Here’s a good test to let you "feel" the wrongness of it. How would you feel if you and your family saw someone in a bra and panties at the table next to you, down at the local family restaurant? Or if all the cashiers at your local grocery store were in their bras and panties? Probably you’d feel a bit embarrassed and think it a pretty inappropriate way to dress or place to shop. But put the same person poolside, add some color to that underwear, and suddenly it’s completely "acceptable" and appropriate.

Why?! What a double standard! It’s okay in this physical location, but not in that? It’s okay for people to see you at the beach in your underwear, but it’s not okay in the grocery store or restaurant. Or what about in the "church building?" Or would you and your children sit in your living room, along with total strangers, all of you in your most immodest underwear? Suddenly, that’s NOT okay. What has changed? Only our perception about what is acceptable."

Ahhh! I totally agree with this. Yes it is different when you are at the just feels natural to lounge around in your swimsuit whatever it may look like. (However you will not find me jogging down the beach in a bikini, lol). And then you start watching everyone else walk down the beach and suddenly start to mentally list their bodily imperfections or wonder why your body doesn't look at nice as theirs. Suppose I was at grocery store or elsewhere in public in a bikini..yes I would feel totally exposed! It's kind of the same as being in your bra and underwear. I've had dreams where I'm at the grocery store and realize I'm naked and wanted to die on the spot. I don't know what that dream means.

I think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable with but at the same time have some modesty. Looks like I won't be going to the beach until Christmas time so I have awhile to ponder what I'll be wearing. Probably a cute sundress because I'll already be super tan from the tanning bed. (Just kidding! I know tanning salons are bad for you!)


Jasmine said...

I guess you will not be joining a nudist colony any time soon :)

xoxo, Chloe said...

No...that will be your youngest sister!


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