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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last night I made guacamole/pico but couldn't quite get it to taste like Chipotle's or Rio Cafe's. I did dump a bunch of garlic powder on it to make it halfway edible. The cilantro leaves weren't chopped up enough so next time I will cut them really fine. After that I did the farm chores (I am doing them for my parents while they are in Florida, lucky ducks) and felt kind of sluggish and a headache coming on.

When I went to give the chicks their chicky feed and water two of them jumped out of their little pen. I caught one and put it back but then didn't have time to get the other one before SIR SALTY ran over and give it a wild chase. The chick managed to hide for a little bit before Salty sniffed it out and terrorized it. I kept hearing "peep peep PEEP" and then saw Salty have it in his mouth. I almost had a heart attack because I was worried Salty would kill the chick but I think he was just playing with it. Somehow I managed to catch the poor thing and it looked like a drowned rat since it had been running around the wet bushes. Ay caramba!

I did let Salty out again and he immediately ran over to the chicken pen and clawed at the wire trying to get to the chicks. He might have a soft spot for small animals because when one of the barn cats had kittens in the yard he nicely picked them up in his mouth and put them on the porch. (The cat must of been crazy because she just had them in the middle of the yard and left them there). Then he stood guard and barked at anyone that tried to come near them.

Today's lunch and dinner looks like lots of bananas and salad. I think my skin might look better from not eating too much cooked/dairy foods but it could be my imagination.

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