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Monday, July 21, 2008

Coconut oil fudge

I went to the grocery store yesterday and actually found a bunch of stuff I had been getting at the co-op. (Like the coconut water I must drink every day). Anyways some of the prices were a little bit higher but with gas I think it would be the same. I just wish I lived closer to the health store.

This weekend I was looking for a raw fudge recipe. I found one but had to substitute the cacao powder with carob powder. I'm not really a big fan of carob powder, but it had to do. The truck has been on the fritz for a week now and I couldn't just run out to the store.

Anyways the I used equal parts coconut oil and honey with lots of carob powder and then sea salt and vanilla extract. It turned out ok but not really the consistency of fudge. I dumped a bunch of uncooked oats in it and made it into no bake oatmeal cookies. (Man those things are addictive, when I used to make them I would eat the whole batch of dough in one day!).

I put the rest of the fudge in the fridge. When I checked on it later, there was oil gathered at the top. It did not look appetizing at all. Then I started wondering, should I really be ingesting all of that coconut oil....ahhhh!!!

Another raw fudge recipe called for raisins and dates. The last time I mixed those two together for a raw torte, it made me really sick. I was out of raisins too. Guess I'll have to get on youtube and watch them make it so I can see which one looks like it will taste the best.

I got up at 8:30 am on Saturday, I guess it is from eating healthier and drinking lots of green smoothies. Normally I could of slept in til noon! But I was ready to wake up and I actually thought it was already late morning. Anthony from was talking about how he only needs 4-6 hours of sleep, that is my goal! I'd love to go to bed at 2am and then pop back up at 6am.

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