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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Burt's Bees Knees

Last night I went to CVS to use up my extra care bucks before they expired. I looked all over for a natural/organic shampoo or anything Burt's Bees related and didn't see anything. Just as I was getting discouraged I noticed this travel kit hiding in the makeup aisle. It was $12.99 and since I had about $9 of extra bucks I got it for cheap.

The best thing is the shampoo and conditioner do not contain Sodium lauryl/Laureth sulfate or Paraben. The honey milk lotion smells yummy too. My hair finally feels clean! I am probably going to use this from now on and skip the baking soda trix. (It made my hair the texture of straw...eek!)

I give this two thumbs up!

Update: I went to another CVS today at lunchtime and lo and behold they have a huge Burt's Bee's display with huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Of course I felt bad that I bought the little travel kit when I could of bought a large shampoo and conditioner for the same price but live and learn. I know our local CVS did not have that display.

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