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Monday, June 30, 2008

poison ivy

On Sunday night we ate dinner around the bonfire and I felt myself getting bit by misquitos. So tonight all of a sudden it seemed like my ankles were burning. Oh no, was it the dreaded poison ivy?!! After a closer look, I determined that my ankles had puffed up and that usually does not happen with just bugbites. I had been reading about natural cures for bugbites so I had a few up my sleeve. I put some ACV on my ankles and hoped it would work. A little while later, they still itched like crazy, I rinsed off the ACV and rubbed in some salt all over and tried to hit the sack.

Arghh! That was not cutting it. Finally after researching some poison ivy cures I came across spray starch. Of course the can says not to contact skin with it but I was desperate. I sprayed it very liberally and fell asleep to the sweet smell of dollar store starch. (Great, it was probably made in China and has weird chemicals). Relief was immediate, the burning went away just like that. That is obviously not a cure for children's poison ivy, but it definitely did the job for me and I didn't have to spend any money.

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