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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lessons Learned from a Power Outage

Yesterday the power went out around 3 pm as a huge storm passed through the area. There was also a tornado watch but luckily we didn't get one.

Of course we weren't sure where the candles were so we had to go out and buy some lanterns. By the time I got home from work and running around trying to find candles it was almost bedtime. And water was very limited as well water does not pump itself out the facuet without electricity. Meanwhile I had been thinking of doing laundry that night and was wondering if I had any un-wrinkled clean clothes to wear. Good thing I just bought a few outfits the other day that were brand new.

So I made a list for next time the power goes out:
  • have candles, matches, lanterns, batteries in a special place
  • know where the Coleman gas stove is (It is probably out in the garage under miles of junk)
  • store clean water for drinking, bathing, washing dishes, etc.
  • do laundry and iron clothes more often
  • get a first aid kit
  • have a bonfire and cookout for dinner
  • get a solar powered oven
  • if all else fails, get a hotel for the night (ha ha JUST kidding!!)

Good thing that it wasn't 90 degrees last night, it was probably in the 70s. We haven't even turned on the AC yet this year because it has been rainy and cool the whole month of May. I guess that is what it is like living in the pacific northwest.

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Jasmine said...

You could consider a generator, they are a must in hurricane areas, living without AC in Florida is not pleasant. The only thing is you would need to store gasoline, and with the price of gasoline going up, it might be more trouble that it's worth.


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