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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fiesta Salad

Yesterday I started watching season 4 of the tv show LOST and was totally engrossed. (Usually I don't use words like "engrossed", should I say I got "lost" in LOST?) Hee hee. Since I don't have a tv, I just watched it online in streaming video at my office. I'm lucky to have a huge flat panel screen too!

This weekend I didn't really get anything done on my list...oops again. We went downtown and walked around and ate at the cafe again. Zora is so adorab-lay! Her hair is very curly and floofy, when she woke up she had an afro. Jon and Jamie and kids and Roger left on Friday night after dinner. Jilian said they are learning to play the violin so maybe next time they come out we can play a duet. Although I haven't really played in years.

There was a water main break near where I work so a lot of the eateries and restaurants are closed. I got a fiesta salad at Starbucks which contains black beans, corn, picante salsa and a few pieces of grilled chicken on top. It is soooo yummy and sweet. Which reminds me of the choclate molten lava cakes that Becca and Alana made Saturday night...too bad we ate them all.

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