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Monday, June 30, 2008

poison ivy

On Sunday night we ate dinner around the bonfire and I felt myself getting bit by misquitos. So tonight all of a sudden it seemed like my ankles were burning. Oh no, was it the dreaded poison ivy?!! After a closer look, I determined that my ankles had puffed up and that usually does not happen with just bugbites. I had been reading about natural cures for bugbites so I had a few up my sleeve. I put some ACV on my ankles and hoped it would work. A little while later, they still itched like crazy, I rinsed off the ACV and rubbed in some salt all over and tried to hit the sack.

Arghh! That was not cutting it. Finally after researching some poison ivy cures I came across spray starch. Of course the can says not to contact skin with it but I was desperate. I sprayed it very liberally and fell asleep to the sweet smell of dollar store starch. (Great, it was probably made in China and has weird chemicals). Relief was immediate, the burning went away just like that. That is obviously not a cure for children's poison ivy, but it definitely did the job for me and I didn't have to spend any money.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Curly Girl

I was just reading about a book called "Curly Girl" which tells you how to take care of your curls. The author says not to shampoo your hair or blowdry, and only use conditioner. (Plus you don't brush your hair).

The funny thing is that my hair starts to straighten out after days of not washing it. But it is naturally curly and it starts getting oily if I don't shampoo it. Two years ago when I got my hair cut at Carmel's salon and it fell a few inches below my chin, if I let it air dry and scrunched it with mousse I had lovely Shirley Temple curls, perfect ringlets.
I'm not to sure about this "no shampoo" thing but I'd head to the library and see if they have this book. Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Learn more about at this wikihow:

p.s. no that is not a picture of me but doesn't her hair look pretty

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Favorite Swimsuit

of all time....or at least right now

How cute is this bathing suit? A lady on etsy makes this and it is my absolute favorite. It reminds of of the 1940s and "The Notebook" movie. I am going to order it very very soon. First I need to take my measurements because it is custom made...and then work out like crazy.

You can roll up the top part to wear it more like a tankini as it comes with the bathing suit bottom. I wonder if I could find some pink swimsuit fabric and have her whip me up one.

Lacy Etsy

I really love this lacy top that I found on etsy. Isn't it elegant? The owners are in Korea and just set up shop so I'd prefer to see some feedback before I go ahead and order it. On the otherhand I wonder if I'd find something similar at a store like Forever 21 or Old Navy...wait a minute, do I need more clothes...I better clean out my stash first.

I wish there was a matching long skirt, that would be lovely!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fiesta Salad

Yesterday I started watching season 4 of the tv show LOST and was totally engrossed. (Usually I don't use words like "engrossed", should I say I got "lost" in LOST?) Hee hee. Since I don't have a tv, I just watched it online in streaming video at my office. I'm lucky to have a huge flat panel screen too!

This weekend I didn't really get anything done on my list...oops again. We went downtown and walked around and ate at the cafe again. Zora is so adorab-lay! Her hair is very curly and floofy, when she woke up she had an afro. Jon and Jamie and kids and Roger left on Friday night after dinner. Jilian said they are learning to play the violin so maybe next time they come out we can play a duet. Although I haven't really played in years.

There was a water main break near where I work so a lot of the eateries and restaurants are closed. I got a fiesta salad at Starbucks which contains black beans, corn, picante salsa and a few pieces of grilled chicken on top. It is soooo yummy and sweet. Which reminds me of the choclate molten lava cakes that Becca and Alana made Saturday night...too bad we ate them all.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My weekend

This weekend I will be:

1) building raised beds for the garden
2) hiking at the nearby falls
3) eating more raw (salads, fruits)
4) finishing up my artwork orders
5) maybe finish painting my bedroom yellow
6) put up a fence around the garden
7) spending time with my cutie pie of a niece

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vintage-y Swimsuits

Here are some vintage looking one-piece swimsuits I found. You can look modest and cute! The first two are from urban outfitters The polka dot one would be cute in pink but they only sell the yellow.

Sailor girl is always classic

I will add more later as I find them...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lessons Learned from a Power Outage

Yesterday the power went out around 3 pm as a huge storm passed through the area. There was also a tornado watch but luckily we didn't get one.

Of course we weren't sure where the candles were so we had to go out and buy some lanterns. By the time I got home from work and running around trying to find candles it was almost bedtime. And water was very limited as well water does not pump itself out the facuet without electricity. Meanwhile I had been thinking of doing laundry that night and was wondering if I had any un-wrinkled clean clothes to wear. Good thing I just bought a few outfits the other day that were brand new.

So I made a list for next time the power goes out:
  • have candles, matches, lanterns, batteries in a special place
  • know where the Coleman gas stove is (It is probably out in the garage under miles of junk)
  • store clean water for drinking, bathing, washing dishes, etc.
  • do laundry and iron clothes more often
  • get a first aid kit
  • have a bonfire and cookout for dinner
  • get a solar powered oven
  • if all else fails, get a hotel for the night (ha ha JUST kidding!!)

Good thing that it wasn't 90 degrees last night, it was probably in the 70s. We haven't even turned on the AC yet this year because it has been rainy and cool the whole month of May. I guess that is what it is like living in the pacific northwest.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

junk email

Do you ever receive emails with the subject "You make my world beautiful" or ~ here' s my favorite..."Missing you with every breath". Well, I do :)

No they are not from a sweetheart but rather some junk email list. Dang...Come to think of it, I can't imagine a guy writing sappy emails like that. I guess it would be alright as long as he was a manly man hee hee.

Well I would rather receive those kind of junk emails than the other unmentionable kind! Yikes!

Pretty Things

Here are some pretty things I saw on ebay today...

I like the clean style of this dress's like your favorite t-shirt, only it's a dress!

I think it looks sailor-y too...


Monday, June 2, 2008

Aprons, Pinnies and other lovelies

So I was on flickr again looking up vintage farm thing-a-ma-bobs and came across a picture of two sisters wearing aprons made from vintage tablecloths. One has a website called and the other one makes the most amazing aprons and dresses. It is all very Victoria/English countryside retro rutic chic which I absolutely adore. I would like to buy everything in her store. Just looking at her creations makes me want to whip up an apple pie or turn some cartwheels in the woods.

50% AC Moore Coupons valid 6/1-6/7/08

Here is a link to some great AC Moore coupons. They are vaid this week only.

Our local post office also puts the weekly AC Moore flyer in the mailboxes so if I'm there and glance at the trash I can usually score a bunch! Although I try not to dig through the trash for very long as to avoid suspicous looks. When I worked at my aunt's in downtown Honolulu there was a certain homeless man that would come into the post office and always dig through the trash.

I usually use these coupons to buy canvases for my artwork. This way a huge canvas that is normally $100 is half price.


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